Give Away

Beginning July 13, you can enter to win one of two free paperback copies of REM on The contest runs until August 13, 2012. Check it out. Sign up. And good luck! I look forward to sending out the copies to the two lucky winners and I hope you enjoy!!!


Overdue update

Wow. I am so far behind on updating this blog!!! I am overwhelmed-in a very good way-by everything that has gone into the publication of this book. Unfortunately that has left me slacking on the blog. But I’m hoping to fix that starting right now. First thing is first…I absolutely have to thank all of the wonderful supporters who got this project off the ground. Thank you so very much for giving me the opportunity to bring this book to life.

And with that…I’ll be posting a photo of the finalized cover (as soon as the blog site starts cooperating with me).

I’m excited to announce that the eBook and paperback versions are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, among other locations.

REM launched on

Yay!  My recently completed novel, REM, has been selected to be included on  Kickstarter is a fantastic website supporting creative projects by giving the community a way to pledge funds toward the next steps of completion for the project they select.

My project has 30 days to reach its goal.  If successful, the pledges will go toward any minor edits, custom cover design, ebook and traditional book self-publishing costs.  Any support is greatly appreciated.

Here’s a link.  Check it out!  And thank you so much in advance.

A sneak peek at the prologue – REM

REM – young adult novel, by Cheryl Abbott


It was my choice to make.  I had already decided.  Yet everyone around me felt compelled to dissuade me.  As I carefully selected my most comfortable pajamas from the bottom drawer of the armoire, a sudden sense of concern overcame me.  What if they were right?  What if this was more than I could manage?  I’d be leaving so much behind.

The emotion pushing its way up the back of my throat was unnerving.  I quickly pulled the yellow tank top over my head and lifted my long, slightly tangled, straight brown hair out from underneath and over to one shoulder.  A nervous smile crept across my face as I pulled the matching cotton shorts up over my hips, remembering how my brothers always complained of how tomboyish I appeared, not even bothering to tie them in a quaint little bow.  Yanking the brush through my hair, I could hear the whispered sound of my father’s voice in my head.  You can do this.  You’re strong.  And you’re the only one with the ability to make it right. 

I jumped at the knock on the bedroom door.  Gathering my composure, I let out a deep sigh and prepared myself for the induced sleep I was about to endure.

I hesitantly opened the door and tried to look past the saddened, yet tranquil, green eyes of the one I loved.  I didn’t want to look at him.  I knew if I did, he might stand a chance at talking me out of the task at hand.

My oldest brother stood behind him at the top of the steps with the doctor at his side.  I nodded, giving them permission to enter. It was time.  I didn’t know how long the sleep would last.  I didn’t know if I’d be able to find my way out of the induced coma I was about to surrender to.  I didn’t even know if I would be able to dream the things needed to be seen.  But I was certain it needed to be done.

Making it official

Well here we go…

I’ve been writing for fun since the day I left my public relations career of seven years.  A line here, a paragraph there, and sometimes I’d complete a chapter after putting my son to sleep at night.  It took a while…but I enjoyed every moment of writing my first young-adult novel.  It only took six months for the first draft, another three or four to edit, and then it sat on my desktop for nearly two and a half years.  Recently, I decided to dust it off, make some more edits and now here I am inspired and encouraged to see what I can do with it.

I’m not usually one to put myself or my work out there in the public eye until I’m fairly certain whatever it is will be moderately successful.  However, this is not one of those circumstances.  I have no idea what will come of my work.  But that’s okay for now.  I’m determined to enjoy this process.  So here it is…a new year, a new book and a new opportunity for success or growth.  I hope you enjoy what you see.  Wish me luck, say some prayers and I hope to have something to show soon.