REM is a completed novel ready to be published.  I will update this page as progress is made toward that goal.

What’s it about?

Seventeen-year-old Bradalynn Collier is used to seeing everyone’s dreams, apart from her own.  It’s a gift the heroine of REM recognized as a curse, until she fell in love with the gorgeous and mysterious Alexander Connelly.  Set in a present-day high school academy, the young-adult romance is approximately 106,000 words.

Bradalynn knows most of her classmates better than she would like, through their dreams.  Unfortunately, it does nothing to increase her desire to befriend them.  In fact, apart from the connection with her best friend Doug Rothen, the smart, funny, trustworthy son of close family friends, she’s never enjoyed much of any kind of friendship.  He’s the only reason she looks forward to the long-anticipated union between her school and his, despite the fact that she’ll now be obligated to attend the same school as one of her overly-popular older brothers.   Between all of their acquaintances, she doesn’t expect to meet anyone new.  And with many months of restless nights unwillingly intruding upon the dreams of nearly everyone she knows, seeing the deepest desires and hopes of their subconscious, there isn’t much she thinks can surprise her on the first day of school.  But Alexander Connelly, a relatively unknown transfer student, presumed to be inevitably dangerous, changes everything.

As Bradalynn suffers through his relentless nightmares, growing emotionally attached along the way, she finds reason to gain control of her self-proclaimed, useless ability.  This unexpected, beautifully painful relationship causes concern and blurs the lines between her and Doug’s friendship.  When a devastating accident calls for her unique gift, she’s forced to make an unthinkable decision: endure an induced coma in hopes to ultimately save her best friend, or watch him die because the risk of not returning is too great.  It’s a choice that could tear her away from the only dream she now desires; a life with Alexander Connelly.


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